Monday, May 31, 2010

Here is what happened last night

       Fatigued with obsessive indecision of
       deciding one way and not the other I
       poured itemized details onto paper in
       as many colors as pens selected

       So spontaneous the writing, no page was
       turned and this first page melded
       into layer number one

       Writing was written on top of writing~
       down and between the lines of layer
       number one landed the unexpected
       upside words of layer number two

       Fresh color flowed on the diagonal /
       upper right to lower left as writing
       insisted on layer number three

       Words of resentment and judgment
       crossed the line in configured rows
       of horizontal, vertical and diagonal
       in kind

       Across the page from pen to paper
       in present moment time, writing word
       on word concluded with layer number

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