Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tulip Time

Yesterday, I picked up two new posters--nicely framed. I believe that one of them, Tulip Time, is the best piece I have ever done. During a long April walk in Eureka Springs, I took a picture of a tulip patch. Then, I put the tulip patch photo on my computer and into Photoshop. There are many options that will intensify or dim or change the look, feel and color of the selected image. Tulip Time was maxed out and I immediately smiled. I loved the effect of super glorious color on the naturally simple tulip--oh, the gentle manic process of art. I added text from the morning's journal--over and under and all around the image--including the morning birdsong I tried to replicate with musical notation--can you see it? in purple? little musical notes? The finished (17.5" x 9.5") piece was printed on canvas which adds, I think, a bit of legitimacy to this particular ART project.

Note:Written during my stay at the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow where all I did was write and make art--and eat the tasty dinners prepared by marvelous Cindy. It is a wonderfully supportive atmosphere in which to explore and produce art of any kind. I highly recommend it.

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