Friday, January 7, 2011

The Tao is the center of my life (chapter 62). Recently, I found myself on an examination table in the emergency room of our local hospital. It was like finding myself because I was acutely aware of the present moment and of answering "no" to a question about my religion. I don't go to a church nor do I belong to a religious organization. The nurse asked me twice with an "are you sure?" In that present moment while looking up into the fluorescent lighting I was aware that I had been badly injured and that I was awake. I was mindful of the Tao. . .having a mind full of Tao. Where would the years of study take me? The answer seemed to be to relax, watch and let the action move forward. There was nothing to cling to as they moved me to a rolling cart except to listen: "One, Two, Three, Move." And I was on a roll without doing a thing!

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