Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There are spring times of betrayal when
having survived the ice storms of winter 
the ice remains.

With windows open and fresh air filtering 
through seasonal screens, a harshness 
more bitter than sleet comes to stand 
at the broken heart.
Muse nudges, It is wise to witness where 
your gaze naturally falls and this morning 
you are looking into spring.
Far beyond betrayal stands forsythia, limber 
and swaying outside the window within your vision.

No matter the sting of despair at being 
dismissed from another’s good graces the first 
glint of spring’s change captures your attention 
and on your shoulder naps the afternoon sun. 

Flowering yellow cascades are the soul image 
the eye takes in as hope steps forward and 
wraps the stricken heart in a softness of petals.

Life continues richer and sweeter than ever 
before as you let your freedom ring . . . 
beyond betrayal.  


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