Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Driving through fear

I got to Rogers finally slowly soaking wet
weaving through streets and neighborhoods just beyond
the yellow and black signs foretelling Steep and Crooked
roads ahead. I was en route to Eureka springs, a good place to be.
Every time I travel 69W I am followed
by locals who know the hills well as I plod along
with chin on steering wheel.
During this trip through rain and wind
the rear view mirror reflected only head lights in fog.
I was storm-scared and then a memory of words spoke to me

Never brake around a turn, keep the speed steady.
Accelerate around a curve, control to a hug.

Driver's Ed instructor, '64

That day while driving those mountain roads
I found focus on the edge
steady rather than panic.
My car and I sang through the hills
the twists and turns, the zigs and zags.
Focus and control added exhilaration where struggle used to sit.
An unfamiliar grit stepped in and said, "Here, let me drive."
Acceleration need not include recklessness but
can exclude the anxiety that joins riding the breaks.
Confidence allowed driving through fear
with foot on the gas.

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  1. I know when I see the sign "Next 2 Miles Crooked and Steep", I'm headed somewhere beautiful.