Thursday, February 9, 2012

Words of Love

I suppose my love for words is born of malady. Recently, I taught a research class, Strategic Communication. In present tense, how to know a subject I know nothing about? I prepare to teach by learning new things and pass these new things on to the students. Database research. OMG they most likely wail within themselves for Google has it all. Well, it simply does not, I teach. At some point I mess up. Letters I tpye come out switched around and misspelt at which point I say something like "Oh the trials of a dyslexic librarian." The students smile and I sense a relaxation throughout the room. So, the good research continues with one search pasted into the windows of numerous databases. After class a young woman came up to me, "All of my life I have played with words in ways that interest me. I am dyslexic, also." A couple of days later I received a real Thank You note from the professor. Inside the card were comments and names of all the students in the class. One comment touched my heart, "Thank you for sharing your research and being a fellow lover of words." The poignancy comes from the fact that we share this love and her's was the only comment with a flaw that was marked over and rewritten the "right" way.

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