Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tao of WordLayers

Today I hung the panel. The photo is cropped and the subject hard to capture with my smart phone. As I stand in front of it, it is quite luminous as the sun pushes shadows and light through the texture of muslin  and the colors of ink. Hundreds of words and layers of text blend outward in a tone that reminds me of stained glass.

Today it hangs on the right of two French doors and I'm trying to decide what next. . .to leave it as a hanging shade or to make a couple more and frame them into a 3-panel screen? I tripped across the perfect summary of what this process and project mean to me:

The image of finely spun filaments describes the quality of spiritual energy that pervades the bodymind of a resolute follower of the Tao. Chapter 31 commentary (Bright-Fey)

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