Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Remember how lucky you are

Many years ago I worked and lived somewhere else. I was miserable and talked about my plight with a women who was both a friend and mentor. I thought the problem was my work situation and the tasks and the people and the dismal surroundings. Her comments surprised me, "Where do you want to live? Start there, go there and your work will find you." Radical advice, wouldn't you think? But, the more I thought the more I knew exactly where I wanted go and what I wanted to do there. I did it. I moved to the spot where I wanted to live and took a good job. It was not the dream job but it was a job where I learned some hard lessons and grew into the person able to accept a position that turned out to be the job. The effort I put into adjusting this dream was a creative and artful process that included visualizing both place and activity. Visualization mirrors meditation in that it is created in solitude and not easily put aside. During those years, I became the person living the visualization. Life seems to be a story to read in different languages and continues through the present moment. The photo is a cell phone capture of the window in my current office. Although not a high resolution graphic it is a representation of my Now and I am blessed to be here.

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