Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I had a horrible rotten day and lost hundreds of images--like being knocked in the head with a mallet. One moment they were shiningly there in their image file, safe at home and in a split second gone, dissolved. All of my created darlings sucked up by the vacuum force of my answering "yes" to the question "Delete Image File?" What happened? I was focused on one image. One large image that had become redundant to my collection of dundant files. Focused on one I lost all. Somewhere there lurks one of my optimistic turn-overs to this sad story but not today. On this literally cold and gray and raining ice kind of day I am pulled to the window, face to pane.

The next day, today, the images are not recovering nicely. All feathers are ruffled and beaks squawking on the way from the pool in the Cloud where I had made a back-up copy several weeks ago. As it turns out my web software has gone sour--a proverbial cloud of smoke on my aging laptop. I am distraught and tangled up in a technical mess that I am only making messier with my attempts at small fixes. So what am I to do? I guess write the old fashioned way, like this. No fancy layer upon layer imagery can live on my website until there is no problem. I'm working on "no problem." But maybe I'll wait for tomorrow to do the fixes. . .or not.

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