Monday, May 13, 2013

May he rest in peace

We buried Jack's ashes in the marigold garden and used the glass flower from Eureka Springs as his marker. I burned a tea-light candle  on the flower and the space was sacred to me because of memory -- Jack.  We share this, this living and dying. The term "share" is becoming the word of the decade where everything you experience has the option to "share" with others. We are all in the universal mix of something bigger then ourselves and it is here that we live and move and have our being. We may try for solitude but cannot hide from community. We are rarely just me. It took loosing Jack to show me the connection of all more closely.

My Mother's Day present was a real surprise -- a huge stone Buddha -- now sitting by the tiny pergola pond. It is quite fabulous -- adding the remembrance of peace to our lives. Jack and Buddha share our backyard place -- both communicating with a part of us beyond the 5 senses. This place beyond wafts in the light of Jack's candle. This place immediate is the image of meditation that sits in our hearts -- a depth of understanding we cannot put into words, cannot say --

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