Friday, August 23, 2013


Tao One, as translated by John Bright-Fey, refers to word without word as "Wonderworks" and this caused me to think of WordLayers and how it began and why. It came out of a dream to change my life from uncomfortable to joyous. I wrote words of the dream. I actualized Tao One by changing word to non-word and the result was exactly what I wanted as I watched it happen. I participated in the happening but it happened first -- this writing into non-word, this obtaining dream out of the colors of words. Imagine that. It happened and I lived it. I walked the path of the dreamer and lived exactly there, in back-word writing, until it was time to move on and I finally absorbed Wonderworks. Just absorbed it -- and all of me was me. I now write WordLayers as an art and take the prints to have them  beautifully matted and framed and each piece becomes its own within itself and all now hang on the walls of my home. And, in every room I walk through magic. This is what the site is all about and this just dawned on me today. I think there is really no time, we just live in this life and all is all at the same time. As Tao One reminds me, "one miracle talks to another in a language that you can feel but not understand."

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