Saturday, January 18, 2014


"It is not defined by medium or the means of its production, but by a collective sense that it belongs to a category of experience we have come to know as "art." -- Kit White

http://wordlayers.comMy AND my slideshows at work are both "DOWN" for what looks like a realistic forever. Coincidental, synchronous and quite horrible at this present moment which keeps moving forward into the past glory of my creative pieces online as some kind of ART. Expression of what is within me, shared kindly. WordLayers is my pride and my joy and now if you go to the website it is "Forbidden" -- undercover, no doubt, somewhere in the digital world of failed technology. There seems no alternative other then to remain and rebuild, wretched fact, wretched fact -- something old is gone -- "Find the challenge and not the setback, and use it to inspire you!" . . . Dr. Julie Connor. Page by page, image and poem, one by one will enter the world as new and fresh -- lost and lost to found and found. I think of the people I've seen on television picking through the remains of their tornado strewn households -- victory and tears of joy at the uncovering of a photo or a High School diploma or, perhaps, a string of pearls; photo, diploma, pearls all in one day lost and found, old to new.

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