Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Image of Bear

I have finished the visual art of Bear. Every word of poetry weaves through image in color and design to round off a thought. During this project, my heart has been in the heart of Bear. I fell in love with the Bear that began as an image on the computer, a bank logo, in fact. And, tomorrow, I slide on icy roads to the printer to pick him up. He will be released from computer and digital drive to the open world of canvas where he can walk out and about. My part of the whole, for, eight of us have collaborated on pieces of Bear and now each 20" by 20" square will be hung as one, to be set free — Bear will then be experienced in the eyes and minds of those who see him and he will stay with some, for a moment, and remembered by some, later. And, we will speak of him, immediately full of joy and exuberant conversation and then he will walk the path of unending creative thought.

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