Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mediterranean Image

I have been working hours and hours on our ARTS group collaborative, our third. Nine of us, each armed with a clean 20x20 inch canvas, a black and white image of a bank logo printed on paper, and an individual 2" square piece of that logo.  In sharp contrast to the Bear image, our new project contained distinctive lines of Mediterranean architecture and spaces of arches. 
This is the image we were given. A tower typical of those found on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. We divided the paper copy into 9 squares and selected who had what out of a hat. The piece to the right of the tower image is my draw of the whole. I scanned it into my computer and it measures 2x2 inches and doesn't look like much to build upon, which could be a good thing. I began this project with nothing and carried that around with me for at least a week. Playing with nothing keeps a creatively turned mind, busy. Fear and hope--moving toward a 20 inch square canvas.

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