Thursday, November 13, 2014

Twelve Years

In a Chinese restaurant, with our group of friends,
we were sitting next to each other. And, amongst the joy and giddiness, I wanted to hold your hand -- like the old Beatles tune -- as if we were buddies who knew each other well. After dinner, after the group hugs, we walked the Plaza, you and I, and slipped into The Cafe where I introduced you to Soy Lattes and you paid. And I told you that, when we were sitting at the round table of friends, the air saturated with laughter, I wanted to hold your hand. And then, over the Lattes, you said,      "Go ahead"       and I did. The first exciting soothing touch of a long relationship. Skin to skin, smiling, eyes unafraid to see each other's soul. And there, in the coffee shop, we fell in love.

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