Friday, April 24, 2015

Thunder and Mountains and Baseball

Good Morning! Oh, happy day, Friday! My phone is charging so I don’t know if the sun comes up or goes down. I don’t know if it will be cloudy or sunny or somewhere in between. I don’t know if it will be cold or cool, going to rain or going to sun. But, I do know now and now the weather is a storm with lightning followed by thunder that rolls through the hills and valleys before becoming soft as it travels on – the rain is pelting and the holly bush by the front porch sways and bends under its pressure. I just made coffee and turned on the lights in the study.
Across the street is the beginning of the mountain at the top of which stands the Historic Crescent Hotel. The mountains here begin not with a gentle rising of the earth but with native limestone walls headed straight up. So straight that buildings and houses are built almost flat against the dependable sturdy rock. The mountain is so mightily strong that an upper level of town sits on top of it where the rock becomes flat and succulent ground cover flows across the top. There are gardens and spaces for wild flowers to appear and amazingly giant oak trees and birches with silver bark flourish.
The rain is letting up and the lightning and thunder have moved on. Birds begin to catch-up on their morning conversations. The sky is still dark gray, the mist continues -- it is time for a second cup of coffee and writing by lamplight.
I yearn for nothing more except to tell you that the Royals won a rather raucous game last night. A game I stayed with in spite of a static filled reception from the small radio I brought from home – I fell asleep in the middle of the 10th inning and awoke at 3:30 to check the score -- Hosmer "smokes RBI double for lead in the 13th" and I smiled and fell back to sleep as the rain began in earnest outside my cozy writing studio with the 2 turquoise wicker chairs.

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