Thursday, July 21, 2016


Listening to Chopin while waiting for ice cubes to freeze in the freezer and for the surgeon to call. It is 100 degrees outside at 1:57 pm -- Nocturne in C Sharp Minor. How is waiting done when you don't die of boredom or go nuts from the replaying of thoughts heard only in your mind? -- Piano Sonata No. 3: Largo. I have a friend who invented the solution of "graphite therapy." Pick up a pencil and draw something. Look in front of you and draw it. So, I did. A pot of blue Periwinkles. And, do I feel better? Why, yes I do . . . I do indeed. So this is my blog entry today and now it is 101 and the ice cubes are slush and no one has called. I wait and draw something, anything and it is 4:12 pm -- Prelude in D Flat Major.

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