Friday, November 4, 2016

Baseball Victories and Life Stories

Image from Chicago Tribune
The Cubs won the World Series! -- the first World Series win for them since 1908 -- 10th inning win after rain delay -- persistence! From the NY Times: "Game 7, which began on Wednesday night, carried into Thursday morning and seemed to end all to soon." Ben Zobrist, a KC Royal last year when the Royals won the World Series, was the 2016 Series MVP. "The Cubs did not so much beat the Indians as survive them." I guess this is a goal to set for myself -- to start talking surviving this back surgery. The latest x-ray showed that at least one screw they put in to stabilize my spine is loose because my bone growth is not functioning up to snuff. So, yesterday I was fitted with a belt that has a band of copper wires that are battery charged. This bone growth stimulator has been proven, in many cases, to actually upstart bone growth. I was not happy to receive the news of slow growth but I must now be highly grateful for the existence of such solutions as my bone growth stimulator.

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