Sunday, January 8, 2017

Knitting 365 Days

Last year, on my birthday, I started a project of knitting the high temperature for each day of 2016. I followed the color wheel by designating a specific color of yarn for every ten degrees. For example: 60 - 69 degrees is Yellow; 70 - 79 is Orange; 80 - 89 is Pink and so on. The finished piece is approximately 10" wide by 10' long and could be a wall hanging or an interesting scarf for myself that clearly demonstrates the four seasons in Kansas City. It also signifies 365 days of knitting through my life experiences. Being one who keeps a daily journal, I now have a record color as well as of activity. I wanted to begin another year for comparison of seasonal temperatures but have since decided on knitting another temperature project in five years in order to visually compare the weather patterns five years apart. I have named this project, "My Seventieth Year."

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