Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Equinox: Spring

Equinox balance –
a midpoint between
winter and summer
dark and light
cold and warm. The
color green.
Inconsistent personality
moves through
stable and storm
peace and upheaval.
Middle comes – wherein
lies placid and thunder –
silence and howling –
chirping and gray –
explosive color
between joy and
perilous journey.  
Change between the
frozen of stop and the
agitation of go –
between dependence of
known and independence of
flow. Dance into
the spring of life with
armloads of daffodils.
Wake in the morning
with rain clouds of
drizzle. Everything equal,
everything the same in a
12 x 2 twenty four hour day. 
Equinox: the church door
we walk through – the faith
we hang onto --
the string of a balloon
aching for release into
the newness of radiant
skies in March.

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