Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Am I back?

I thought I'd try the blog again. One reason is that I want to connect with the creative flow that arises when writing online. I also want to find the skills I once had and have temporarily lost do to persistent inaction. Now, how do I get started? One thing at a time and right now points to adding images as I choose new topics to write on. I think in images and am almost speechless without access to them on this blog. All my photos are now stored on my iPhone. How do I travel from there to here? I'm going to stop here and figure that out. 
Well, I devised an entry level scheme for sending an image from my iPhone to my Dell Computer --- Email image and save to my Desktop. Then add image from my Desktop file to this blog post. And, here it is. 

The lovely scene from the screened porch of our little cottage on the lake at John Knox Village in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Were we ever lucky to get this view! So, perhaps I am back on the blog. It feels good being here ... in the cottage and on the blog!

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