Friday, November 18, 2011

A new day begins

There are stories in the news that bring even the hard-hearted to a pause of sorrow, but the new day begins as it always does. Last week I had surgery that reflected to my mind the accident of a year ago. Thank goodness the new day came. Two weeks ago I experienced what happens when a stop sign is not seen and my car was side-swiped by another car that was driven by a nice man. We then went on to take care of our insurance claims, our cars, our bodies and our minds as new days continued to dawn. Last night Chuck and I were snug in our warm bed reading stories on our eReaders when Jack peed on our bed--a soaking heavy absorbing noxious cat pee. This was followed  by midnight showers as the overloaded washing machine churned and groaned. I now write and look through a frosty November window as Jack, in cat-like nonchalance, sleeps and warms my side in the always-ness of this new day. 

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