Monday, November 14, 2011

A tango's turn

Within the thunder
of the beginning of all things
color struck

and again came more
on top of the first
that dropped to the

echoing the slide

to the middle

wherein lived word

lit from letters

that introduced color's

beauty and blessing and art
from which raindrops fell
like sounds of bells
and between here and there
music merged
though unknown in this place

even so it was heard

in note and harmony

in time and rhythm.

Color and Word and Music
moved around each other

into and out of


blending and bobbing

between spaces

becoming movement

inviting dance

underscored in poetry and
hummed into tune
as strangers swooned

and swayed and
within a tango's turn

stirred love

the necessary


within the thunder

of the beginning
of all things

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