Thursday, July 26, 2012


Isn't it odd that I thought I was finished with the design?  One thing I know for sure is that I don't control the process of creativity. This is tricky because the application of one more piece is permanent and if it isn't true to the design. . .blah. The art of WordLayers is always perfect because it is without expectation or definition. But design is completely different. Design can be ruined with one false step and usually the elegant solution is a clean slate. So I thought I was done but I was not and I added two more rectangles to the muslin panel that will become a hanging of some sort. The text of the last block was Chapter One of Bright-Fey's Tao:

the tao source of life that we often talk about is beyond the power of words and labels to define or enclose / while it is true that we employ words and labels to outline our experience they are not absolute and cannot define the absolute / when it all began there were no words or labels / these things were created out of the union of perception and perception / whether a person who is awake in play sees the heart of life or its surface manifestations is hardly important because they are exactly the same point in space and time . . . . if you feel as though you really need a name / then call it wonderwork / and watch one miracle talk to another / in a language that you can feel but not understand / it is playful to approach something that is logically unknowable

I play with these words over and over and over. Truly a wonderful experience. So now, the design is finished. Right?

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