Monday, July 23, 2012

The Design

Since I began the process of de-cluttering my studio I have cleared the beautiful poplar worktable made for me by my husband, Chuck. Having such a table was in itself an inspiration. The sight of it brought enormous pleasure: seeing the empty and knowing the potential of full. I began working on a 16" x 72" panel with the intention of making either the first of two door shades for our French doors or an art piece to hang as an unfurled scroll. The 8' table was the perfect place to begin. Next came the piece of muslin bought as a remnant at the fabric store. Lovely muslin--a common, simple fabric that allows the sun to shine through translucently. The format of the art is WordLayers and the text is "The Whole Heart of Tao" as translated by John Bright-Fey. This is the first time for a WordLayers project to be based on words other then mine. I relished being a scrivener of these words which sing as a most lyrical Tao translation. The process of WordLayers meant that I was writing word on word and layer on layer. Yesterday I may have finished Step 1: the design.

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  1. What a fun beginning of a project and what a wonderful art studio with space to do art in! Can't wait to see the process.