Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spring 'round the corner

I'm looking through past journals hoping for some inspiration for poetry or a clever inkling for art. This from 2-11-2012 caught my attention:  Saturday at 6:00am / 6 degrees. Winter, please keep it up for we do want spring to come and what will spring be like without a good long blast of winter? When it is 6 outside, the morning coffee tastes darker and hotter than summer coffee. The animals are inside and the lights are on. They have breakfast and water (ice water straight out of the faucet) and best of all their people read and write and talk quietly while the furnace chucks to awakenment and warm air spills out the old wall registers. Both Jack and Jane have flannel baby blankets folded in soft squares placed by the registers and the curl-up for a nice warm morning nap. Spring is around the corner. 

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