Friday, December 14, 2012

Solstice Socks

Ten socks. Ten solstice socks and all are hung above the fireplace in our December home. Five pairs ready for family gals. What a wonderful project this knitting socks throughout the months and seasons of 2012. Learning to knit in the round with four bamboo needles was a challenge so wonderfully accomplished because I didn't think I could do it. But I needed to do it. I needed this steep learning curve to turn my mind around and into the math and logic of stitching stitches that held together in a mutual sockness. When I knit close, elbows in, fingers touching, eyes focused on the stitch moving from one needle to another there is no room for anything else in my thinking brain. If I stray in thought a stitch is dropped, a row falls, the pattern dips. The recovery is an arduous task but recovery does happen. Knitting is sometimes dedicated to a process of recovery. It is a "work through" like baking or gardening or painting. Low these many months I have worked through a dilemma and now I can celebrate gifting. I am grateful to have people I love to give these pairs of socks to. Warm feet make for warm hearts--truly.

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