Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cat Eyes

I walk through you in the air today . . . We had to put Jack the Cat to sleep on Friday and I feel him so close today. A cat like Jack was always there. When we brought home sacks of food from the grocery store he would be in the first empty sack; when I got home from work and changed my clothes he'd be in the shoebox before the shoes; when I cleaned the litter box Jack would jump in just before the litter was poured. He was the everywhere cat. And now he is gone. I miss him terribly because he was always in on the action of my at home life. . .I see him at the end of the yoga mat, on the afghan at nap time, on the kitchen counter when I opened the can of tuna for his dinner. He jumped over the dog and walked under the dog and cuddled with our older and less than joyful cat, Jane. This morning I remembered a poem I wrote which wasn't about him but, of course, he found his way into the heart of it.

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