Saturday, January 5, 2013

Garage Art in Winter

We finally had a snowfall! The roses are dormant and the Downy Woodpeckers are meeting at the feeder. The paintings I finished on the side of the garage have not slid off but remain bright behind clouds of falling snow. This is the winter view of the poem I wrote a year ago when freezing temperatures were rare and not a snowflake fell. I have lightly edited the poem on the website at  and here is how it begins:

Slightly lightly we began to notice and
to speak of wildflowers growing
by the garage in the back garden
and placed lawn chairs there just right
for evening conversation.
In the waning warmth of September days
we painted those wildflowers
on the white stucco garage wall--
the celandine poppy and prairie aster
the primrose and purple coneflower.

Now in December we stand
at the kitchen window just right
for mid-day sunshine and
in silence watch as winter's light 
plays across the colors painted
when the flowers faded in the fall.


  1. Oh, please come do my garage--and house--inside and out!

  2. Alice, I feel that I know you...I read your blog faithfully. Thanks for the comment, L