Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 81

It is Tao 81 on my Tao blog! For years I have been studying the chapters of the Tao through various translations. Whenever, and this is the absolute truth, I was in crisis or trouble, the very chapter I was studying at the time gave me substance to dwell on in relation to my life happenings. The writings of the Tao are my stability. The many translations made this a fact a fulfillment of expectation. In 2001, I bought my first Tao translation, Stephen Mitchell, and began taking classes. Today, I have done two complete studies of the Tao. I think I'll take a break or try to read something else now that I have a pretty good foundation. I'm going to take classes in Buddhism at Unity Temple on the Plaza---this is where I first studied the Tao. Amazing.

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