Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Window Sitting

This is where I live with a good man who shovels lots of snow and presents me with a wood burning fire every wintry evening. We live here with Jane the Cat and Zoe the Border Collie. You can see the Clematis vines climbing the screen of the snowed in porch which validates that today we are, for the most part, socked in. Thank goodness for this winter weather which carries with it much needed moisture and a sense of normalcy. Bring out the soup pot, the broth and the root vegetables. Perhaps we'll make French bread the baking of which will warm up the chilly kitchen. And I will stay in to look out the window and note the variances of the tail end of this the second blizzard in two weeks. This morning the snow fell horizontally into drifts and through screens. This afternoon the air holds only snow mist that seems to cover all with a polish of silk thread.

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