Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Matter

I am feeling blue this beautiful Saturday in July--taking on (or not) the undecided decisions in my life. Oh, when will I know, when will I decide, when will someone come up to me and say, "Here is the direction your life will take. . .next week, next month, next year, etc." As I drink my second cup of coffee while sitting out on the morning deck, the beauty of my surroundings saturates any decisions not yet made with contentment, for awhile. During this piece of time I write this little poem and do feel just a bit better.

No matter where I am
the tomato red petunias and pumpkin orange marigolds
in the window box keep blooming.

No  matter how much I worry
the smooth stones wash wetter and smoother
in the fall of water in our hand dug stream.

No matter what I am doing or not
the mix of back garden wildflowers grows and replaces
in the sun, fresh green and air.

The where and the worry and the what
dissolve within this morning now--
and I continue this morning this day.

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