Monday, July 8, 2013

Rose Window Redux

I am a chair in the corner
by the window
kind of person.

Inside the panes
looking out I participate
in the play of characters--

neighbors and cars,
the mail person
depositing seasonal catalogs,

the UPS driver delivering
a used book from the
book store in Colorado.

Today, as thunderstorms
continue to roll
across Missouri's belly

I see the elegant David Austin
roses in glistening freshness
growing rounder and fatter

during the wet, cool May days of
2013, as each day publishes
a new page in a garden guide--

the roses hang over the pansies
in the window box that sits above
deep purple iris next to

the neon orange scarves
of poppy heads. Today hears
an inside day and

I will continue to write
in many colors as the
storms pass by and
the roses peek in.

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