Sunday, July 27, 2014


Early, on this July evening in the backyard garden, two colors become what I see. The lavender-blue of Russian Sage and the lavender-purple of Echinacea. Colors that penetrate the air. Breathable colors. Both slightly faded in the high summer sun. Both calling for study or bemusement. Lush, together they're the stamp of summer; the magnet of inspiration; the beauty of impressionistic art. As daylight becomes less than the dark of night, I sit within an essential spectrum of peace and it soaks my senses in full shades and hues--the majesty of lavenders, violets, blues, pinks, and purples. A time to sleep in the soft bed of color.


  1. I love summer evenings! You have captured it so well! If I wrote it, there would be the beauty and peace but someone would be yelling at someone in the back ground...or a cat would run across the back yard with a terrified baby bunny!