Friday, August 8, 2014

Companion Sun

Hummingbird flits around purple Butterfly bush      Striped ground squirrel hides in pink Gladiolas        Cat naps on cedar bench under the oak tree     Wild Geraniums explode into blue blooms          Downy Woodpecker pecks at the feeder        Redbud rents space in the rose garden     Sunflowers bend with abundant seeds       Red Zinnias in the east garden, 4' tall       Goldfinch sway on Sunset Echinacea        I sit in a chair on the redwood deck      Butterflies visit Oregano in clay pot       Mourning Dove coos on power line        Traffic moving along 75th Street       Surprise lilies gossip in groups       Pond water trickles over rocks        Sun sits in the opposite chair       Dog sleeps on the driveway     Second cup of coffee        White Hardy Hibiscus        Bumble Bee       Day off.

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