Friday, June 19, 2015

My Cat Jane

We had to put Jane to sleep today. Nineteen years ago I adopted her from a vet in Iowa City who had a collection of homeless critters. When I saw her she saw me and we both smiled. It was February, the snow 9" deep and coming down. I brought her home. Oh, happy day! Safe day. I now look back through the actuality of the days between. The scenes of my life pop out at me as jewels in the mist and always Jane was in those scenes. A cat to come home to, she waited on the 3rd step up as I opened the door. There are details, lots of details in the scenes of memory but tonight all I can do is slide along the outline of those stories. Jane, I want you back. My young spry cat who skipped down the stairs to catch a catnip mouse I threw from the top and bring it back up to me for another go. I want you the old lady cat I had just this morning.  But, finally, it became too painful for me to watch you try to move across the room. I love you Jane and wish you well. Thanks for the memories, "Meow".

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