Thursday, July 23, 2015

Clear Vision

Good Morning! So we are here, at the next day that has never been lived before and I sit in the early
morning as sun moves through oak branches and I watch the Giant Flicker and Purple House Finch and Black Capped Chickadee discover fresh seed at the feeder. Sunlight filters through the leaves, thorns and buds of Chuck's rose garden that shimmers with heavy dew -- the tall grasses sparkle as if covered with mini-holiday lights as drops of water catch the sun's attention. This is what I see. This is what is before me. Also, I must admit another truth -- I have killed seven ants crawling on my arms and three mosquitoes biting my propped up ankles. I was going to write of the exquisite taste of the Tea Berry coffee but I jarred the table while slapping an ant and spilled coffee on my new "Forever Royal" (KC Royals) T-Shirt which is now soaking in the kitchen sink as the end of rush hour traffic heats up into irritated honking horns, screeching tires and the inevitable sound of sirens. So my morning observation includes a brilliant rising sun heralding a new summer day filled with chirping birds and morning dew -- and also irritating ants, mosquitoes, spilled coffee, spinning tires and sirens. I want to wax on and find my own meaning in this bi-polar world but the only realization I can come up with is: this is the way life is. What do I do about it? I suppose the only action available is to move forward one moment at a time -- to see both the art and the drama and respond with clear vision leaning towards a an empathetic view.

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