Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I'm thinking of an answer to give the nurse when asked, "What religion are you?" The answer changes, but the actuality is the same. Today, my religion hovers around knitting and the circle of women I am with every Tuesday morning (Buddhism might refer to this group as a Sangha). We sit around a large rectangular table knitting and talking and listening. Some of us are taking out the mistakes of our knitting and the process is made easier by the presence of the group. Some of us need help in taking the next step in reading instructions and understanding their meaning (in Buddhism this might mean the Dharma). When we get stuck all we need to do is ask for help (the religious might call this prayer). It is not unusual for the helper to sit down and take the needles and yarn to perform the task. Slowly, she explains and then hands the needles over to the student to proceed with the pattern of knitting. The balls of various colors and textures and sizes of yarn surrounding us on wooden shelves become the stained glass. The laughter and conversation transform to music. Yes, today my religion is knitting and my church is Tuesday mornings. Alleluia!

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