Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Temperature Knitting

I bought some yarn -- a lot of yarn to knit my Seventieth Year. This is a project that will take the rest of the year to finish because the starting date was my 69th birthday, 12/28/15 and the ending date is 12/27/16. The project is to knit the high temperature for each of the 365 days of my birthday year. The yarn colors are modeled after the color wheel and the directions read a different color for each ten degrees from below Zero to above 100 degrees. Today the temperature is 74 and the first "Orange Day" of the year. I'll scan in what I have so far for you to see. The joy of knitting comes from celebration and not dread. Life is good when seen in living color . . . even the gray days have color and joy to find inside one's own creativity.

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