Monday, March 4, 2013

What is possible

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness (George Santayana). And I think, "Oh here I am! Here I am again!" I can hold no more. As Jane Hirschfield's, This Was Once a Love Poem, shines up from an email newsletter I am reminded of an extraordinary poet who always catches my heart. Recently, I stumbled onto the work of Danny Gregory's illustrated journals which I immediately ordered in print so I could touch the lovely detailed  drawings. Here as I write are handouts and books from the class on Buddhism I am immersed in. A brochure from ARTS peeks out from under my Google tablet (a device which, btw, delivers too much of the good ---one book order at a time).  I'm exploring a new project which will become a companion piece to The Tao of WordLayers which I've been sharing with others the past several days. I feel that I cannot stop and want to do more play with colors and things of color but there is also laundry to do. I'll turn, for just two seconds, to the geraniums blooming in the south window as the sky prepares to open and rain down on the soot covered piles of February's snows. I am fully grateful for these moments.

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